Aeron Valley

Wake up on Treberfedd Farm and you’ll open the curtains on one of the most stunning natural landscapes in Wales. Treberfedd directly overlooks Aeron Valley, a patchwork of open meadows and leafy woodlands flanked by gently rolling hillsides.

This beautiful countryside was once made famous by the poet Dylan Thomas, who referred to it as ‘the most precious place in the world’.

Take a walk through Aeron Valley

The valley is named after the River Aeron which begins in the Mynydd Bach (‘little mountains’) and winds a path through meadows and villages all the way out to the sea. Wander along the banks of the river and take in the breathtaking views.

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Despite its modest size, the river is home to a variety of salmon, brown trout and migratory sewin, so why not bring along your fishing rod and catch yourself some dinner?

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Take a look at what else we offer

View our four cottages

Our holiday cottages in west Wales are set in the perfect location. Our working organic farm is surrounded by lots of open space and beautiful scenery.

Treberfedd organic farming

At Treberfedd we farm according to organic principles. We do not use artificial fertilisers or pesticides on the land or crops and follow strict organic standards.

Organic farm trail

The Treberfedd farm trail winds its way through traditional hay meadows, unspoilt grasslands and beautiful broadleaf woodlands.

A unique training venue

The Aeron Centre is great space for a business event, private function, group retreat or family celebration. Surrounded by miles of natural peace and quiet.