Organic Farm

Organic Farming at Treberfedd

Organic Agriculture is a sustainable way of farming. It means producing healthy food whilst leaving the goodness in the land for future generations.

At Treberfedd we farm according to organic principles. We do not use artificial fertilisers or pesticides on the land or crops and follow strict organic standards which ensure high levels of animal welfare.

We use red and white clover and natural animal manures to return goodness and fertility to the soil. A healthy soil grows healthy plants. These are the plants which feed our cows and sheep – we are sure you will taste the difference in our organic beef and lamb!
The land at Treberfedd supports a rich variety of plants and wildlife as well as our organic beef and sheep farm. The hedgerows and field margins are managed sensitively to provide habitats for native wildflowers and herbs, insects, butterflies, birds, bats and small animals.

Over the last 10 years we have restored traditional wildflower hay meadows on the farm and planted over 14,000 trees. This has created a whopping 20 acres of new woodland which is free for you to explore.

The tree planting also makes a huge contribution to offsetting our CO2 emissions. The woods also provide home grown firewood for the holiday cottages and habitats for wildlife. Guests at Treberfedd are welcome to follow the nature trail through the woodlands and fields at anytime and guided walks of the farm are also available.

Traditional Hereford Cattle

Welcome to the Aeron herd of rare breed traditional Hereford cattle. Traditional Hereford cattle are famed for producing superb marbled beef from grass and forage – ideal for the organic, environmentally sustainable farming system here at Treberfedd.

Our own ‘Aeron Herd’ was established in 2005 and we now have 35 pedigree cows, as well as traditional Hereford Bulls and young stock. At Treberfedd, we’re helping to preserve this ancient native breed with help from the Rare Breeds Survival Trust (RBST). We have used traditional hereford bull semen from the RBST to breed calves from some of the best pure british hereford sires of the 1960′s and 1970′s.

Our current stock bull is the prize winning ’Llandinabo Comet’ who as a 2 year old was champion traditional hereford at the Three Counties Show. Comet has superb length and conformation and has produced some high quality calves.

Traditional Hereford at Treberfedd

Our traditional Herefords have no blood ties to the imported North American Hereford cattle. You can tell by their appearance; they’re generally smaller and hardier than the modern type of North American Hereford. Our cattle are pedigree animals and their family lines can be directly traced all the way back to the Hereford Cattle Society herd book of 1847.

Traditional Herefords are now classed as a rare breed. In the 1960s there were over 19,000 traditional Herefords but by 2005 there were just over 500 breeding females left. However, the breed is once again increasing in popularity as people realise the benefits of this hardy, easy to manage native breed.

If you are interested in purchasing traditional Hereford breeding animals or traditional Hereford beef please contact us.

Learn more about Traditional Hereford cattle – the “no hassle” breed

Traditional Hereford’s are medium-sized cattle, red in colour with short curved horns and a ‘beefy’ build (if you’ll pardon the pun). We don’t remove our cows’ horns, because we’re dedicated to rearing cattle in as natural a way as possible. Ideal for smallholders, conservation grazing and quality beef production the breed is well known for being docile and easy to handle. Traditional Hereford cattle are superbly efficient at converting grass into excellent quality beef.

If you are interested in purchasing traditional Hereford breeding animals or traditional Hereford beef please contact us.

Traditional Herefords For Sale

We often have breeding stock from the Aeron Herd of traditional Herefords’ for sale.

Call Farmer Jack to find out about traditional Hereford heifers for sale and traditonal hereford bulls 01570 470672
All our Hereford Cattle are organically reared to Soil Association organic standards. We are happy to provide information and advice to new keepers of Hereford cattle.

The Aeron herd of traditional Herefords is a member of the SAC Premium Cattle Health Scheme and monitored to ensure they’re free from Johnes disease and BVD.

If you are interested in purchasing traditional Hereford cattle or traditional Hereford beef please contact us or phone farmer Jack on 01570 470672.

History of Traditional Herefords

Our cattle are described as ‘Traditional Herefords’ because they are the pure breed which originated from the English/Welsh borderlands. The original Herefords were so good at converting grass into quality beef and so adaptable to different climates that, in the 19th century, they were exported all over the world. Today they are the world’s biggest beef breed with large numbers in Canada, USA, Australia and Argentina.

In North America the Herefords were bred to be bigger, with longer legs. Bulls of this type were then imported back to Britain and bred with the native Herefords. This means that today there are very few of the original traditional Herefords left.

Traditional Hereford Cattle

We usually have traditional hereford breeding stock for sale. Visitors are always welcome (please telephone or email first) tel Farm Manager Jack Cockburn on 01570 470672 email

Read our herd feature which was printed in the Country Smallholding Magazine Traditional Herefords, Cattle of Choice.