Llanwenog Sheep

Llanwenog Sheep

The sheep at Treberfedd Farm are from the Llanwenog breed, named after a village just 8 miles from us. Like the traditional Hereford cattle, they are classed as a rare native breed. The Llanwenog breed was established over a hundred years ago by crossing a now extinct Welsh mountain breed with a lowland breed from Shropshire.

Learn more about our rare Llanwenog sheep

Llanwenog sheep are distinguished by their black faces, pointy black ears and little tuft of wool on their foreheads. They’re medium-sized sheep, well known for their good mothering and for producing a lot of twins and triplets. Llanwenog are the perfect breed for smallholders as they’re attractive looking, docile, maternal and, thankfully, not escape artists like so many breeds of sheep!

Llanwenog sheep produce excellent tasty meat and high quality wool which can be made into blankets, rugs and jumpers. Organic knitting wool from our sheep is available through the online shop.

New to sheep keeping?

We believe Llanwenogs are the ideal smallholders breed and we are happy to provide information and advice to new keepers of sheep.

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If you are interested in purchasing Llanwenog sheep or tasty Treberfedd Llanwenog lamb please contact us.

Llanwenog Sheep for Sale

Breeding females and rams from the Treberfedd flock of Llanwenog sheep are often available for sale. All our livestock are organically reared to Soil Association organic standards.